“Nobody loves ghosts do they?”

“Yet they are all haunted by memories of loved ones.”

“Even so,” mused Wit, “I think they are better off if I leave them in peace.”

“Quite.  Do you know why dogs howl at ghosts?”

“No?  I thought that was just a myth.”

“Maybe it is but we bite them just in case; it helps get the message across to the ghosts that they are not helping.”

“Do they care?” asked Wit, curious to know if the bullies and tyrants also got a chance to get back.

“Yes of course the dogs care about being bitten.  Blessed are those who are flea bathed regularly; so the Bubble says,” said the flea with a twinkle in its invisibly small eye.

“Do the ghosts care?”

“I don’t know; they’re a myth aren’t they?”

“Are they?”  Wit asked.

“Catch 42: If they can walk through walls, then they can go anywhere.  If they can live forever, they can go anywhen since even Our history repeats itself.   Free in time and space, there would be no ghosts because they would warn themselves not to die.  But if they did warn themselves, they would scare themselves to death.  A Catch 22 is a vicious circle; a Catch 42 is a short circuit.”

“Oh?  But I got back to earth so what was I while I was there?”

“You were a bright spark, well grounded; a filament of your own imagination.  Maybe you’re a figment dreaming you’re a man?  The endless possibilities give us butterflies.  It’s more important to ask yourself, ‘What will I be now, if not chaos?’

“OK. Then what will I be?”

“There are only two things that are certain,” said the flea scratching absent mindedly at the mites on its back.  “And you have already achieved one of them so you’ve passed – so to speak.”