Aout Robby Miller

Born in 1968 on the far away island of Salamasond. Grew up a feminist with a liberal minded mother and sensible older sisters. Always loved science. Converted to religion and devout follower until it dawned on me that it didn’t agree with scientific facts that had been verified by multiple professionals so now I follow the facts as they are discovered. Lost my teenage son in a risk-taking accident with a train so now live between parallel universes – the regular one and the one where grief has to be sidestepped at every turn. Death and other Taxes is an allegory about letting go of the compulsion to want to see our lost loved ones again. It is an answer to everyone who tried but failed to comfort me by saying he was still there somewhere. It is also an example of how to manage our unintelligible grief using the psychological trick of rewriting it into a work of pure imagination. There is nothing more rewarding than raising kids – it’s what we’re made for. The pain we feel when a child dies is life-long and there is no panacea except the stories we tell ourselves. We are all story-tellers; novelists and religious writers alike are just professional day-dreamers. However, the key to coping with crisis is remembering what’s fact and what’s fiction.


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